Version 0.3 Published

Finally got this done! hopefully the next update won't take quite as long, or if it does it will have far more content added (although I've added a good bit here). Here's the change long:

- Over 150 unique new “panels” added.
- Added breast growth scene to Crimson Tide, including multiple ways to fuck her once her breasts are fully enlarged.
- Added Brainwashing scene after Crimson Tide is captured, and one way to sexual break her added (oral sex/ass eating).
- Tease the next heroine.
- Revisited previous content to remove most “panels” without dialog to tighten it up and make it more comic book like.

Coming next: 

- The Strip room for Crimson Tide.
- At least one more humiliation/breaking her sex scene for Crimson Tide.
- At least introduction to Jungle Goddess, but maybe all the way to her brainwashing.


Brain Master Superheroine Collector v0.3 239 MB
Jul 17, 2020
Brain Master Superheroine Collector v0.3 238 MB
Jul 17, 2020

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