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How do I run the android file

I'm not actually sure. You'll need a program to unzip the file, then you should be able to just open the .exe but I've never actually tried it on a phone.

A good idea, a little buggy but good idea never the less XD


If there are specific bugs you've run into please try and pass them on so I can fix them! This is my first time using this software and I know I'm making a lot of little mistakes.

i think some paths dont progress, some loops round each other, what software you using? XD

Some of the loops around are intentional. I'm using Tyranobuilder and still learning what all it can do and haven't messed with any kind of conditions. Is it normal to expect there are no loops?

The loops are fine however there are some that dont need to be there, you might have a 'jump to' in the wrong spot, there are also some buttons that dont do anything so you maybe should double check all paths to check on that XD