Version 0.3

Change Log


- Encounter when naked to have her bend over and get close. Includes making her jill off, fingering her ass and fingering her pussy.
- Added various encounters where you turn her into a dog. Clothed on street, topless/naked in alley (includes blowjob).
- Encounter where you can wake Sheena while in the alley so she realizes she’s topless. Has two different endings.


- Cum-covered Selfie encounter (blow job or hand job) clothed and topless.
- “Swing your tits from side to side” encounter with crowd, and in alley clothed AND naked.
- “Be a cow” encounters add with clothed on the main street and in the alley (slightly different dialog between them) and naked in the alley.
- “You are a cheerleader” encounter. Includes clothed on the street and both clothed and topless in the alley. All include temporarily waking her and making her aware of what has happened.
- Encounters to make Lucia cum while temporarily out of her trance: On the street clothed, clothed and topless in the alley (2 versions each, one where each snap makes her cum).


- Initial induction.
- Encounter where you can make her think she’s a superhero.


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